Monday, January 17, 2011

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Guess who loves snow nearly as much as puppies and iPhones... this kid!

She spent the day after Christmas in my parent's living room staring out at the snow through the sliding glass door... a scene eerily similar to the kids looking out of the window in the Cat and the Hat.  As we opened presents she received a backpack and then proceeded to put it on and wave "Buh Bye" to everyone as she walked to the front door.  Later she opened the cutest pair of Hartstrings Wellies-- immediately sat down to put them on (over her footie jammies) and then stood at the sliding glass door looking out at the snow!

Later in the afternoon (once Joe and I got in the mood), we pulled out the snowsuit Grandma gave her and bundled her up to face the elements.  If a 15 month old could run in snow boots, this girl was doing it!  She chucked her mittens and just stood in awe of the snowflakes falling around her.  She tried to catch snowflakes on her tongue, cheered on the puppies playtime, and stood with her face in the wind-- soaking up every moment of her little winter wonderland!

After a few minutes we tried to get her to walk inside, but this photo was taken at the closest point she got towards the house... Joe picked her up to carry her in and she fa-reeked out!  We all whipped around at the child screaming "bloody murder" and had no immediate clue as to what sparked the screams... until she managed to turn around and sneak back outside into the snow with a huge grin on her face!  We appeased her for a little while longer (we weren't bundled nearly as well as she was), but eventually made her come inside and play with her toys.

If only we'd get some more quality snow days around here... only a few!


Cat's Litterbox said...

LOVE the picture!!! Also-- I absolutely LOVE your blog template! Where did you get it or did you create it yourself??

Carrie Garrett said...

Very sweet!

Rebekah said...

very cute!