Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cousins... Wordful Wednesday

Watching little D and her cousin M grow up together is fascinating at times.  He's only 2 weeks older than her, which seemed like such a big difference when they were born, but now it's a drop in the bucket!

I dreaded listening to how they would constantly be compared to each other... and still do at times, if we're being honest here.  From the beginning there have been discussions on who's bigger (M), who eats more (D), who got their first tooth first (M), who crawled first (M), who walked first (D), who talked first (D) and on... and on... and on!

Their personalities are so very different and I like to keep my focus on letting them grow into who they want to be... I don't ever want one of them to feel that they should be doing something just because the other is!

Now that they're at the age where they can really play together, it's become so much fun to watch their not-so-little personalities emerge and see their differences!  Grandma's house has become a little hub of activity.  We've taken to calling the Great Room "Pre-School" as it now has a train table, toddler-sized Adirondack chairs, a sand/water/everything table, a shopping cart, and some dolls.  You can find M playing with the train set while Dagny moves around the chairs and pushes the dolls in the shopping cart!

Last week, in Florida, provided endless opportunities to see them together.  Here are a few observations:
~Both "babies" want to be outside and HATE coming inside
~Both love to go swimming and will try to beat you to, and through, the gate to the pool if it's open (and scream bloody murder if you stop them)
~M jumps right into the pool to someone while D scoots to the edge on her tush and slides in
~Both don't mind going under water
~Both loved the raft
~M liked to sit on the raft while D liked to stand up and surf on it
~Star Wars and Pixar toys were loved by both
~D preferred Mickey and the "Big 5" while M loved Handy Manny and Special Agent Oso
~Both liked Pooh, M disliked Eeyore more than D, both hated Tigger
~Both loved car/tram rides
~Both love to dance... M is more of a head-banger and D shakes her booty
~D walks with you while M loves to run ahead
~D loved the idea of holding hands-- M didn't have a choice in it once D grabbed his!
~They will hug on command... and love the attention they get from doing so
~They both LOVE their grandparents and don't mind sharing them with each other!

It was a great week and you can just melt when you see the excitement when one of them sees the other for the first time in a while (or even when one walks into the room) or you hear D calling for "Mee-sun" when she wants his attention!

I don't know if they'll be best friends, but I do hope they enjoy growing up together...

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Stacy Uncorked said...

They are so CUTE! And I bet they end up being great friends as they get older, too. :)

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