Friday, May 27, 2011

Momma In Focus... Love ;)

This week's theme is about love... well, what's not to love about being a Momma?!  I know-- the tantrums are getting increasingly worse and some of the diapers should require a hazmat suit, but for 99% of the time I do truly love being a Mom.

I have a bunch of recent photos of me and Doodle that I wanted to share... and I LOVE every one of them! ;)

Easter Brunch at Gramme & Kippy's Country Club

Easter Egg Hunt at Willow Grove Memorial Park (Kippy's Park)

Painting a sign for our new garden on Mother's Day
Listening to the Yo Gabba Gabba (or Gabba! as D calls it) song, "Don't Pick Your Nose."  Since she's not allowed to pick hers, she tried to pick mine... and thought it was hilarious!
How could I not LOVE this girl?!

One Day At A Time


Casey Martinez said...

AWWWW too cute!! I love what you wrote about tantrums and diapers being stinky...I SOOO can relate to that right now!! Your little gal is a doll! Great captures of the two of you. Happy weekend to you guys!!

AMY said...

So SWEET! I Love your pictures!
I'm a new follower.
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