Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Take-A-Look Tuesday

Okay, friends.  Here's the deal.  I know you all love seeing photos of my Darling Doodle in nearly every post, and to be honest, I do too.  The itty-bitty problem is that all of the Doodle (over)exposure creates an image that she's the only "thing" in my life.  A fact that is simply not true.  I do have a full time job, family, friends, and a few little hobbies.  Let's start with a little refresher about the males in our house:

Hubby, the Camp Director who moonlights as an MBA-student; Buggy, or Sirius Black, cuddler extraordinaire; and Sul Sul, or Sully/Sullivan, our high-strung member of the family.

Dearest Hubby is in his second week of his 5th season directing the GREATEST CAMP EVER.  Although the little buggers drain nearly every ounce of his energy, he still manages to find more for Doodle and I (and those pesky MBA classes, too!).  Our puppies have birthday's coming up and will be turning three (Sully) and four (Sirius) in just a few weeks.

My the hobby highlight this week... My goal is to post weekly about something I've made-- I usually make at least one "project" a week and am going to share one on Tuesdays as I take part in "Take-A-Look Tuesday" at Sugar Bee Crafts.

Hubby bought me a Silhouette SD for my birthday and I've been excited (some say "obsessed") about it since the day it arrived.  I set it up next to my Mac and use the cabinet underneath it to store the rolls of vinyl, paper and heat transfer materials that I've quickly accumulated.

I made the following shirt for my nephew a few weeks ago:

I created the design using the Silhouette Software using an outline of a Triceratops that I found online (using the trace tool in the software).  After putting his name in the middle of the shirt, I flipped the design horizontally so it would print/cut backwards (you have to do this for heat transfer designs).  The photo on the top left shows the process of pulling out the unwanted materials ("weeding") and the photo on the right shows how it looks when placed face down on the shirt.  After ironing it on (using an old shirt in between the transfer material and iron!), I was able to transform my $2.98 Target T-Shirt into a personalized gift for the little one (bottom).

Since it's summer time and all of the clothes Doodle wears end up with dirt and juice on them, I love scouring the clearance racks at Target for inexpensive clothing that I know I can spruce up with a little Silhouette-love! ;)

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