Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Magic... Don't know if there's another way to describe it! #WordlessWednesday

How many times in your life do you get to capture a photo of someone, let alone your sister, meeting their baby for the first time?

I hadn't planned on being there, I don't think she planned on me being there, but somehow the stars aligned... little baby decided to wait for me to get to the hospital and she was in so much pain/focused on delivering that she barely noticed I was there.  With two grandmothers in the room helping Dad coach Mom, I was able to step back and truly absorb the gravity of the situation... my sister was literally having a baby.  A new life was entering this world and I was there to see it.  Now that's magic.

Welcome Clifton "Cliff" David.
The world is already a better place now that you're here!


shoutingforha said...

What a gorgeous picture! Congratulations to your sister on her sweet little boy.

Self Sagacity said...

That is the best moment, it's hard to enjoy when mom is so exhausted. Though you both looked great.
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