Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Party Rock Is In The House Tonight...

With a Summer Camp Director for a Dad, it was only time before Doodle started learning the line dances that they do at Mountainside.  She's borderline-obsessed with "Party in the USA" or "Party-S-A" as she calls it.  She definitely knows the song and joins in singing parts of the song and chorus (in toddler-speak, of course)!

Dad's new favorite camp song is called "Party Rock Anthem," by LMFAO.  I came back from a work trip last week and found Doodle attempting the Mountainside Dance...
(Note: if in a public or office setting, you may want to turn down the speakers... there's a lot of toddler-shrieking)

Party rock is in the house tonight
(Make ocean wave motions with your hands towards the front)

Everybody just have a good time
(Fist pump...)

And we gonna make you lose your mind
(Hands over your temples/head and shake your head back and forth)

Everybody just have a good time
(I think you fist pump again...)

This is what most nights look like at our house... some dancing, a little dinner, a clip of a princess movie and all-around good time! ;)

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laurel said...

she just makes me smile.....