Thursday, August 04, 2011

Momma in Focus... Although I'm Not His Momma! ;) GMYBS/PSF

Let's face it... this week has been all about Cliff.  And rightly so-- it's not everyday you get a new baby in the family!  Doodle has been looking at the photos and saying, "Baby Cliff," with a huge smile (although it sounds more like "Baby Tiff!"), so I'm pretty sure she's okay with him in the spotlight.  Heck, she doesn't even know she's been in the spotlight thus far, but we'll see how she reacts when she meets her new cousin next weekend!

This week's "Momma in Focus" on Love Roars is going to be more like "Auntie in Focus" as I share some photos of me hogging Cliff just an hour or two after he was born:

See, I wasn't lying... once I got him in my arms, I didn't want to let go!  I'm so grateful that Mary grabbed the camera and took some photos of me-- that's always the hardest part for the photographer (you're usually taking all of the photos, so others rarely think to take one of you!)!

Uncle Colin, Uncle Steve & Aunt Kristen, the Grammes, and Grandpas were all there to celebrate Cliff's arrival... I felt bad that Ally was so out of it because it was truly a very cool moment as this little guy brought two families together forever!

p.s. I graduated High School with Cliff's (twin) Uncles Colin and Patrick... and while they were far more popular than I could have ever wished to be, they're the nicest guys ever!  Aunt Caitlin and I were on JV Cheerleading together my junior year (still need to find those photos!)... she's now on TV ( and will surely be the cool aunt (much like my very own ABC!)! Also, one of my best friends is married to one of Dave's best friends... both Dave and I were in their wedding party (he started dating Ally a few months later!)! I'd say "It's a small world," but that's just Willow Grove!

p.p.s. I can't lie... Since I knew Cliff was on his way when I got dressed that morning, I totally picked out my favorite dress (Lilly Pulitzer Clare in Hotty Pink First Impression)  to make sure I looked good when he first met me! You know, because babies remember everything from the second they're born! ;) This is seriously my favorite dress and don't be surprised when I'm wearing it in nearly every photo you see of me. Doodle even has a matching one!
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Golightly said...

He's so sweet! Congratulations to the new family member! (and way to look good for the big day!)