Friday, August 19, 2011

Not My Usual Montgomery County... PSF/GMYBS/M-I-F

As you may know, we live in the suburbs outside of DC... in Montgomery County, Maryland.  As I commute to work into the city (I work 6 blocks from the White House) and usually shop/live around heavily-populated suburban areas, I often forget that there's a large part of the county that developers haven't gotten to (yet!) and is farmland!

The Montgomery County Agricultural Fair takes place a mile from our house, in a highly populated area, and is a very big deal around these parts!  We've gone in the past, mostly for the carnival rides, but since we have a nearly-2-year-old on our hands, we knew this year's focus was going to be on the other festivities!

Bonus: We all decided to go on my nephew's 2nd birthday!  When DH asked his Sis if they wanted to join us, she told him that they were already planning on it! How perfect is that?!

Birthday Smooches (Yep, they'll hate this one later!)... and walking into the fair together!
  Now, I can't remember if I've covered this here (so my apologies if I have), but Doodle has been kind of obsessed with "Horsey" rides.  She and her Daddy went on a carousel at a smaller town fair in July and she's been talking about it ever since!  She wants a horsey ride on your back, from the dogs, and will even sit on the arm of a couch and yell "Horsey!" We walked in last night and saw that they were doing actual horse rides for kids.  Yes, it cost extra and had she not been over-the-freaking-moon about it, it would have been considered a rip off.  We even splurged for a crappy cowboy hat and it turned out to be a smart investment...

Oh, yes.  This girl loves a horsey ride.  I see many years of her begging for a horse in our future! ;)

We spent most of the night in the livestock area - it is an Agricultural Fair, after all - looking at sheep, pigs, goats, cows, bunnies and chickens.  Dagny got to pet a calf that had been born at noon that day (in the birthing barn... yes, I was hesitant to even go in there!)!  The John Deere tractor area was a huge hit with the both of the kids, although I know Mason loves them way more than Doodle does! ;)

The Birthday Boy got his very own ice cream cone to celebrate... and even shared it with his cousin! What a sweetie!

Finally, because I am trying to get in front of the camera a little more often, here are a few photos for Momma in Focus Friday!

As you can see, it's nearly impossible to get Doodle to look at the camera... especially with cows walking by and flashing/bright lights in the distance!  I'm cracking up at DH as he was singing "ice cream" to Doodle to try to get her attention... he did get her attention, but got the Dozer-pout for not actually having ice cream in his hand. No worries-- she did get a milkshake out of the deal! ;)
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