Monday, August 22, 2011

Best Buds... Pet Week at I Heart Faces

Although most consider Doodle to be an only child, the truth is that she's actually my third baby... the first two just happen to be dogs.  We brought Sirius Black, a puggle, home with us nearly a month after we bought our first house.  Sully, a schnoodle, came home a year later-- nearly a year before Dagny arrived!

Sirius will always be "my baby."  He's the ultimate cuddle partner and always needs to be the closest to me.  He rarely left my side when I was pregnant- he'd wait for me at the bottom of the steps if I was upstairs or lay against the bathroom door if I was in there!  Now, if Doodle is sitting on my lap, Sirius will wedge his way on to my lap behind her so he can be the closest to me.  She usually wins that battle, but I love how my puggle puts in a good fight!  Doodle loves playing with her pups, but does get annoyed if they're not paying enough attention to her or if they're giving her too much attention and licking her feet!  What can I say... 2 year olds are fickle creatures! ;)

I just love this shot of Doodle and Sirius that I took in June... We've spent many summer nights out on the back deck and I love how they're snuggled together looking at the yard.  This is how I will remember them at this age.

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John and Tina said...

This needs to be printed really BIG and put on the wall, fabulous!

Jamie said...

So sweet!!

Christina said...

Adorable shot!