Sunday, April 08, 2012

Butterfly Face

We just had a wonderful weekend up in PA with my family... Doodle got a haircut (only Cyndy is allowed to cut her hair!), we took the cousins (Doodle and Cliff) to get Spring portraits, went to the Philadelphia Zoo, had pizza with friends, brunch at Sandy Run CC and the annual WG VFW Easter Egg Hunt at Kippy's park.

While eating a fabulous brunch at Sandy Run, one of the waitresses came up to Doodle with her face painted like a butterfly... They have a woman come in and do face painting during special events- I hadn't ever noticed. Now, Doodle has seen other kids with painted faces at Disney an the Zoo and never asked for it herself. Today was the day-- after the lady told her that she wouldn't do a full Batman Mask on her face (lovely suggestion by Aunt Ally that Doodle thought was brilliant!), Doodle asked for a "Butterfly Face."

She sat still and was thrilled when she looked in the mirror at the end result! She ran around with her "wings" spread out and made sure everyone there saw her Butterfly Face!

We made it home tonight and as soon as she came through the front door she headed straight for the full mirror in my bedroom and just stared at herself. I must admit that I had no idea she'd go this crazy for it... and definitely wasn't prepared for the colossal melt down when we had to wash it off in the bath. Honest-to-goodness, I have never seen her so upset. I nearly started crying because I felt so badly! Once she calmed down a bit we were able to get through bath time and read her new Pinkalicious book that the Easter Bunny left her.

As I tucked her into bed she gave me a kiss, said "Goodnight Mom," and asked if she could get a Butterfly Face again. Looks like I'll be starting a new hobby as a face painter in the near future! ;)

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