Sunday, April 22, 2012

Before the April Showers....

It started raining yesterday around 6pm and hasn't stopped yet... I imagine Mother Earth was feeling a bit dehydrated and called in a favor for her big day (Earth Day!)! ;)

Yesterday we went to our friends' wedding and it was b-e-a-utiful!  The rain held off long enough for a sweet ceremony, a few hours for their photos (which, being two beautiful people, I'm 100% sure will be gorgeous!), and long enough for everyone to make inside to the reception!

We lucked out and got to have a date night for the reception (Thanks to Aunt Moon and Uncle Drew!), but we brought Doodle along for the ceremony.  She's actually going to be a flower girl in a wedding next week and I'm hopeful that this was a good preview and she'll follow the lead and walk down that aisle next week! ;)

She did get a little itchy, so her Dad brought her outside to play for a little bit.  I'm glad I grabbed my camera as she ran towards me after the ceremony... I just love shots like this of my hubby and baby girl! :)

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