Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Finding Time...

While I truly love my new job... doing Community Outreach for the Greatest Summer Camp (and School Year Programs) Ever... there's one thing that I've not been very good at through this transition on a personal level... finding "me" time.

I knew it would be a challenge as I'm now working with Hubby... which I LOVE, by the way... and I knew I'd have to balance my want to spend all of this newly found extra time with him while still giving myself some "me" time.  Lunches are "us" time- or time with colleagues- I love that time and am so thankful to have it to spend (esp. after six years of going downtown from 6am-5:30pm every day!). Evenings are family time-- non-negotiable. My little two and a half year old demands as much attention that we can give her... and I love having quality time (even if it's when we're all cuddled on the couch watching "Pung Foo Fanda")!

I tried going to the gym before work a few times... Hubby gladly offered to wake Doodle up and get her to Marsha's so it seemed like the perfect situation.  Until my body reminded me that I have RA (which has been flaring pretty badly lately) and somehow the extra rest wins out on the gym every time (note to self: cancel gym membership).

So... It has taken me nearly five months, but I've figured out where I have and can use my "me" time... before my sleepy heads, Hubby and Doodle, even think to begin waking up (which is on the second round of the "snooze" button, btw) and when I'm making myself breakfast.  I know, it's kinda a "no duh" thing that finally clicked!  Hopefully this "me" time will begin to include blogging time-- since this is my "journal" for myself more than anything.  We'll see how this goes... ;)

And just because I can't post text alone, I'll post a photo I took of my Brother and Sister in Law who are expecting their first baby in September!  They posted this photo on Facebook and everyone is putting in their guess as to if it's a boy or a girl...

What do you think?! I'm undecided, but Doodle insists it's a "Girl Baby!"

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