Monday, June 11, 2012

It's that time of year...

If you tried to take a photo of me lately, I'd have the same response as Granddaddy did... it's been that kinda day week month!

Every May and June it's the same story in our house-- Camp is coming and we're here/there/everywhere preparing! This year it's especially true as I'm officially part of the preparation and did quite a bit with preparing/holding staff orientation.  Orientation went well and we're down to one week until camp starts... I don't know if hubby would say he's 100% ready (although he's close!), but I am! I'm ready to go out and play!

My glorious plans for waking up early, eating breakfast, and blogging lasted all of a day... thanks to the little nugget I'm baking in my belly.  I was lucky to have avoided the whole morning sickness deal during the 1st trimester (as I did with Dagny), but like my 1st pregnancy, the dizziness has arrived!  I'm staying hydrated and getting a ton of rest (hence the lack of early morning cooking and blogging), but the RA has not gone into remission as it did last time-- in fact, it's gotten worse.  So... it's been a tough few weeks.  I'm managing fine, but I have zero energy left after the day's basic tasks to do anything.  I had been staying up while Hubby does his homework, but lately it's been an 8pm bedtime for me as well as Doodle!

Speaking of hubby and homework... tonight is the night! Today is his final day of his MBA! As of tonight he'll be finished-finito-donezo his MBA! I'm so very proud of him... as much as I've B-ed and moaned over the last 18 months, he's amazed me with his dedication and drive!  What an accomplishment... I'm so excited for him!

The difference in this "time of year" from year's past is that usually life (or weekends) slows down a little after orientation/camp starts... not this year!  We have something planned for every weekend, except one, through labor day... three weddings, a wedding reception, a few 30th birthdays, a baby shower, and a trip to Great Wolf Lodge at the end of August to celebrate Doodle and Hubby's birthdays!  I get so overwhelmed looking at the calendar that I've given up on checking it-- life is crazy and I've accepted it!  

I just have to make sure I slow down enough to let this little nugget bake properly... he/she is not due until the first week of December, but I have a feeling it'll be here before we know it!  I check-in with the doctors later this week, so I'm hoping to find out if it's a Mini-Me or a Mini-Hubby... my gut says it's a Mini-Me, but we'll see!

Until next time...

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