Wednesday, July 25, 2012

On the Island (Seven Years Later)...

Flagg Family Reunion - Vinalhaven, Maine - August 2005

A Flagg Family Wedding (Kevin & Sophie) - Vinalhaven, Maine - July 2012

The camera quality has improved, as have Hubby's looks, but taken on the same beautiful island seven years later... 

Vinalhaven is my heaven. Seriously. If you were to re-make "Field of Dreams" in my little world, this place is it!  I love the slow pace of the island (although the temptation of using wifi is there as places like ARC Cafe and the Harbor Gawker are now connected), the limited options of activities helps me relax (it's usually an option of being either at the houses, Lane's Island, the quarry, in town, or the beach... which may sound like a lot on paper, but when you're there for more than a few days, it's not a whole lot... and I love it!), the island's beauty (high tide... slow tide... watching the water...), and (perhaps most of all) being with family whom you rarely get to see.  This time Doodle had her older cousins A & B to keep up with (as well as other cousins, but she idolizes these girls!) and I just loved spending time with Grandmother and those relatives of Hubby that we sometimes only see up there!

Each trip is a little different-- we've visited for reunions, funerals, getaways, and this time a wedding-- and I cherish each memory that we've made there with each other (and now Doodle... and next time Baby #2...)!

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