Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School

Today is Doodle's very first day of school... ever!
I thought I'd be super emotional about the whole thing, but we were all just too excited (or exhausted from our fun weekend away at Great Wolf Lodge) to do anything but smile!

1st Day of Pre-K.... can you believe it?!
Neither of us really slept last night (she wanted to play, I was too hot from the AC in the house being broken!), so we were a bit groggy when we woke up. Doodle picked out her own outfit and bow (had to have the Ariel bow!), but we won out on her not wearing the purple polka dot baby legs to school.  She inspected and approved the lunch Daddy made her before grabbing her backpack, My Little Pony nap mat, and Violet (stuffed wolf from GWL) and heading to the car.

There's a whole little routine when you get to school that we're going to get down pat... Mom & Dad sign in... Doodle checks in by flipping over her name tag... hang up backpack... lunchbox in cubby... wash hands... play!

She quickly found the bin of My Little Ponies; therefore, I was quickly old news... I did manage to get a hug and kiss before leaving!  I love my independent little girl!

I don't know if there has been a kid more excited for school than this one!

Pre-K Orientation was Friday... I decided to let her fancy it up a bit since we were only there for an hour and I knew it wouldn't get too messed up (I'm only sending her to school in cotton/washable stuff... I'm totally not a stickler about getting stuff messy... rarely buy anything that can't be thrown in the washer and dryer!)...

And just in case you think she's too prissy or formal because she likes her girly dresses and will flash me a quick smile every once in a while... this is what she really does when I pull out the camera:

Such a sweet girl! ;)

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abc said...

What a punchline! She is TOOO love love her.