Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Dearest Doodle,

There's a wordy post with all of the milestones and updates about you on it's way, but today-- on your third birthday --your 6:30am wake-up call has simply exhausted this Mama!

Daddy and I are on our way to pick you up from school, hopeful that we find you in a better mood than the one you were in when we left you. Tonight we'll all head to Cheeburger to celebrate this very special occasion with your favorite meal (mini hotdogs and a chocolate milkshake... in addition to the cupcake that you requested this morning!) and one last birthday present from us this evening (that may or may not be a replacement Rapunzel dress and sparkly pink TOMS to wear to your Princess Tea Party this weekend!)!

You have kept us on our toes this past year and while I suspect you to continue to do so this coming year, Daddy and I are looking forward to our adventures together (Hint: this year it will include a new brother for you... sorry in advance!)!

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!



p.s. Want a trip down memory lane?! Check out last year's post and photos... Oh, how you've grown!

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