Monday, September 05, 2011

You at Two


I simply cannot believe that you are two years old.  Although we've been calling you "2" for a little while (it's so much easier than 22 months or 1 and three quarters), I'm still kind of in denial about it all.  I just can't believe how quickly this year has passed, probably faster than your first year, and just absolutely adore you at this age (and don't want you to grow up any more!)!  Here are a few things I'll always want to remember about you at two:
  • You are generally one truly happy kid! People always remark on how good of a mood you're in (although the tantrums have begun...) and you say "Hi!" to pretty much every person you see.  You laugh and giggle a lot (it helps that your Daddy is funny!) and always find a way to have a good time (even if you're playing by yourself). Our friends and family adore you and I think it's pretty genuine because you truly light up a room when you come in!
  • Stats from 2 year check up: 21 lbs 11 oz (you had the nastiest diaper a few minutes after they weighed you, so I'm glad we got the heavier weight!;) which puts you in the 3rd percentile; 33 1/4 inches tall (25-50th percentile); 18.5 inches around your head (25-50th percentile).  You're just starting to fill out 18m clothes, but 12m pants still fit the best!  Yep, you are a peanut.
  • Although you took your first steps before you turned one, you really started walking at your 1st birthday party!  Allison was doing the whole carrot-on-a-stick routine with you by using a doll highchair that you received that day.  You took 11 steps without even pausing... the rest is history.  You're not a runner, per say, but you've been moving ever since!
  • You are a talker... you've had the "Mama/Dada" gig down for well over a year, but the first word that you really used a lot was "Puppy!"  I think you were 14/15 months when you started with single words and the floodgates just opened from there!  At your 2-year doctor appointment Dr Moss asked if you've reached 50 words and 2-word sentences... Considering you quote large chunks of "Princess and the Frog" verbatim and sing most of the songs (while imitating the characters!), I'd say you are doing pretty well.  You like to boss everyone around (Hmm... I wonder where you get that from?!), including us and the dogs.
  • Your grandparents are currently called "Nancy," "Pop Pop," "Tippy/Kippy," and "Mammie/Mimi/Gramme."  You also get SO excited to see "Grandmom" (my Gmom!), "Grampa" (My Gpa) and "Granddaddy!"
  • Your puppies are "See-ius" (Sirius) and "Sul Sul" (Sully)... you love both of them so much! I love watching you wrestle them to give them hugs!
  • I adore how you say "Peese!" if you want something and "Tank You Mommy" or "Tank You Daddy" after we do something for you.  You're starting to get good at looking at people in the eye when you say "Please" and "Thank You" and I think that's an important skill to hone. You like to yell "No!" if you don't want something, but are getting much better at saying "No Tank You" in a nicer tone.  You're great at saying "Hi" to people and giving big hugs as you come and you go. At the very least, I want you to grow up with decent manners.  
  • If you see something new or pretty you gasp and say "Ohhhhhh" or "Pretty!"  You tend to have somewhat dramatic reactions to things you like or dislike, but that's just the girl in ya! ;)
  • You finally had enough hair to get your 1st haircut at Bella Gente on Easter Weekend!  You sat still for Cyndy and we were all stunned at how well you did!  You got another haircut when we went up to meet Baby Cliff and although you were bobbling around a little, you were still much better than I thought you'd be!  Although I love to put bows in your hair, you would much rather wear a hat!  We all giggle at how much you love wearing hats (& carrying backpacks and wearing swim goggles... what a goober!)!
  • Sometimes you fight us on going to bed, but you'll sleep at least 12 hours once you fall asleep.  Your bed is virtually a play ground with all of the stuffed animals that you have to have in there (Princess Bear, Marine Bear, Belle, My Pal Violet, two puppies, a pillow and your princess blanket).  It's not unusual for us to hear you talking to your "friends" in your crib when you're supposed to be sleeping! You take a sippy cup to bed with you (we snagged the bottle away from you right at one year and you never had any issues! Thank goodness!) and we usually find that somewhere in the pile of stuffed animals.  You're not a consistent napper, but I love when you do... Recently you've been super cuddly and I LOVE that!  You actually took your 1st nap in our bed with us last weekend and it was so nice!
  • You love "Chocky Milk" and it drives Daddy a bit crazy that Nancy taught you to say that instead of the real name... He's very good about labeling everything around the house so you know the proper names! I love that he's so good about that... You also consume vast amounts of "Princess Juice" which you named Capri Sun Waters because you think the girl surfer on the package looks like a princess.
  • You've gotten pickier with your food choices and it's making me a little crazy.  You like most fruits and some veggies (but let's be honest, I don't make too many of those!), but adore pizza and chicken nuggets.  You'll usually eat a bite of beef skillet, but would rather Mac and Cheese.  You love to have a "p-cake" (pancake) for breakfast and will eat yogurt any time of day! It doesn't matter what time of day it is for a "Top-ick-le" and you will nearly throw a fit if you can't have one on demand.  Needless to say, eating better is something we need to work on this year!
  • You are doing so well over at Marsha's for daycare... I think you and Jonathan are best buds (and reportedly fight like siblings occasionally) and you adore Cesar!  I think you like helping Marsha with the babies and really miss Addie being there.  While you spent your 1st year with Marsha, you're spending more and more time with Alisha and the big kids.  
  • You can sing the days of the week... but with a slight alteration on Friday since it's "Pizza Friday" to you (Pizza is served every Friday at Marsha's)!
  • You can count to ten... and can get to twenty with some help.
  • You have the cutest version of the ABC song and are starting to really recognize letters.
  • You love to sing songs... Twinkle Twinkle, Macaroni-Macaroni, 5 Little Monkeys, Ring Around the Rosy, etc.  While those are all fun, you really LOVE "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus and request "Party-S-A" on a daily basis (I wish I was exaggerating!).  You and Daddy dance to Party Rock Anthem pretty often and you'll pick up on songs in the car at an eerie pace (latest one was Katy Perry's Friday Night... we had no idea that you knew that one)!
  • You are a dancing machine!  We can divert a tantrum if we put on music because you'll just dance your little heart out!  You spent many afternoons with Daddy and Mason (both of whom you adore!) at Town Hall dancing your little heart out!
  • Although we aren't able to spend too much time at the pool, you do love to swim.  This summer you climbed up the steps to the pool slide and went right down by yourself without any hesitation (I caught you at the bottom).  Sarah had to follow you up the steps for the next 30 minutes because you made her slide down after you did.  Did I mention you're a smudge bossy! ;) In a good way, of course... anything to help develop your verbal skills! ;)
  • You LOVE princesses.  Somewhere between Yo Gabba Gabba and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, we turned on Princess and the Frog on Netflix so we didn't go crazy watching kids shows.  You were instantly hooked.  Gramme introduced you to Sleeping Beauty a few weeks ago and that has joined the rotation of "Princess Fwog" (Princess and the Frog), "Punzel" (Tangled), and "Aieel" (Little Mermaid).  Right now it's mostly Tangled or Princess & The Frog... you also scream "Princess Castle" at the top of your lungs when Disney movies begin! We can't wait to go to Disney next year and see how you react to seeing Cinderella's castle (esp. since our trip was pre-princess-obsession this year!)!
  • You're just starting to play with dolls, but love puzzles, books, and Duplo blocks.  Daddy got light sabers for his birthday and you guys have been playing with those all week... btw, he makes you use the Darth Vader light saber (remember that one for therapy when you're older)! ;)  Uncle Pat gave you a nice ceramic tea set that stays at Nancy's house... you have tea parties every time you're there.  The Joneses gave you one for your birthday and our coffee table is now a tea party table!  You also love to color... but it doesn't have to be in coloring books.  You love to take a sheet of computer paper and go to town with crayons.  We bought you a little art desk for your birthday... hopefully that will free up some coffee table space!
I'm sure that I'm missing many things on this list and will likely come back to edit it in the next few days. This is the type of thing I'll lose sleep on-- worrying if I missed something in a blog post.  I know I'm crazy, but by the time you're old enough to read this you'll have discovered my craziness already! ;) I also have hundreds, if not thousands, of photos of you from your first two years and am just so overwhelmed at the thought of having to make a book of it all that I don't even know where to begin (but I will... someday!)! For now, at least you have this...

If you're reading this in twenty years and only take away one thing from it, just know that you are the most loved little girl in the world!  Your Daddy and I love you more than we thought possible and when you add that to the love from the rest of your family and friends, it's hard to believe that any one on earth is truly loved as much as you are.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Doodle!



abc said...

...still haven't found the words to express how AMAZING this post is -- AMAZING isn't big enough. Happy Birthday to our little big to-Do.

laurel said...

actually, i had to read the post several times because I kept crying! Boop, you sure do have a way with words, and of course, Dagny makes it easy.

themoores said...

Rory - I started tearing - Dagny is just the best ever. But you know that!!!