Thursday, September 01, 2011

A Lilly Inspired Party... Doodle's 2nd Birthday! PSF/GMYBS

As promised, here are a few of the decorating details of...

The Inspiration...
This Lilly Pulitzer Crown that I picked up from the Ocean Palm in Williamsburg, Virgina.  Doodle and I have the matching bathing suits (I picked up hers at the LP Warehouse Sale in June and ordered mine from Paradise) and since this was supposed to be a pool party, I went with the focus on the Hotty Pink and Key Lime Green colors in the Limeade Floaters print!  My Mom had picked up the Petula dress at the LP Warehouse sale so I asked to borrow it and snagged Doodle's shift off of eBay (I tried Re-Lilly and asked Jack for help, but no luck this time!)... which worked out perfectly because Hurricane Irene was blowing into town and the pool party ended up happening in the barn!

Here are a few of the details of the party:
I created her name banner using my Silhouette (card stock and the wrapping paper) and made photo plaques to hang on the walls... The banner will now go up on her bedroom door and the photos on her bedroom walls.

Just in case we haven't met yet, my name is Roars and my daughter is a Princess-and-the-Frog-a-holic.  I used the Silhouette to make her some wall art with the opening line to her favorite movie (Like she can read... at 2... I know, just go with me on this).  I put the art up on a beam along with Naveen and Tiana... I made frames with photos from the past year in them and put those up on the other ledges.
A friend of ours made Doodle's cake and it was totally delish!  Aside from Doodle being bummed that we pulled her out of the moon bounce to sing to her, she did really enjoy the resulting sugar high!  The bottom photo gives you an idea of how much pink and green ended up on that table... all matched to the LP Napkins that I picked up at The Pink Palm Bethesda.

I made these cupcake toppers to help give the cupcakes a little somethin' extra... Last year I gave Doodle Minnie Mouse ears in the photo I used, but this year I tried to match the colors.
Although I'm kinda-sorta opposed to favors, I found these water bottles at Michael's and decided to give Doodle's friends a personalized treat... each water bottle also had a bag of Swedish Fish inside.  I made sippy cups for the Under-2 crowd (and ended up loving how they turned out)!
 As you can see, I love being crafty and love putting all of that energy to good use!  Although I think it looked pretty good (I could have done a lot more, but promised my hubby that I wouldn't go crazy with it all), the most important parts of the day were that Doodle have a good time with friends (check!) and we get to spend a fun afternoon with friends (check!)... Despite the rain, I think everyone had a great time!

I can't wait to celebrate her actual birthday this weekend (we partied a week ahead of time!)...
I think I'll let her wear her birthday crown around all day!

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Princess Aurora said...

Came across your blog today! I thought it was cool because I am Aurora Elizabeth... was called Rory as a kid but now it is Rora mostly!!! :)