Thursday, September 01, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Hubby!

Wishing my dearest love a very happy 29th birthday...
The first time we ever celebrated his birthday, I was living in Madrid and took him to a Champion's League Real Madrid game.  Can that really have been seven years ago?
I must admit that while there have been bigger and flashier years of birthday celebrations (ie, front row Redskins tickets in 2006), I'm so very excited to make him dinner and celebrate at home tonight.  We've had a lot of nights out in a row, so I think he'll be happy with staying in.  After all, if you go too big for 29, what would you do for 30?! ;) Just kidding.... I gave Joe tickets to Kanye/Jay-Z in November, so we'll still be celebrating then!

Here are a few photos from swimming with the kids last night at the Ranch...
How can you not love this guy?! 
He's the best.


Happy Birthday, Darling.  Doodle and I love you very much.

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