Sunday, June 23, 2013

Update: He's made it to seven months!

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Well, this is Master Chief at seven months old! He's all over the place (I don't know that I can bold/underline/italicize enough to emphasize that fact!)! He has a funny frog-hop-crawl thing going on when he gets bored of actually crawling. This week he's learned how to shake his head "no," but I really think it's to be funny rather than saying "no." He cracks up at nearly everything and has a squeaky voice that he only raises when he's really excited. He LOVES it when Doodle pays attention to him and tackles her every chance he gets. He climbs all over everything and tries to jump off of anything he can! While the dogs are fun toys, the little man is constantly going to the refrigerator and finding magnets to pull off and try to eat (no worries, they're too big to get into his mouth). This morning he ate a piece of bread at Le Pain Quotidien, but he really just wants his bottle most of the time. He loved the pool at the Ranch and I'm anxious to get him back over there soon.  I never really bought into gender stereotypes, but can now say that this kid is all boy!

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