Saturday, July 13, 2013

Everybody's Gone Surfin... #PSF

Doodle's first summer at camp has been such a great experience for all of us... I had my initial fears (mainly that she would want to stay in the house all day or melt down all over the place), but she is a natural camper. She's on the stage dancing every morning, creating pottery and projects in arts & crafts, shooting arrows like Merida at archery, swimming in Miss Sally's pool, and eating popsicles like a champ! I've always known that we run great camps, but after seeing it as a parent I see it in a new light... they are truly AWESOME! I couldn't have asked for a better team at the Ranch this summer!

This past week, with some (a lot!) of help from her AWESOME counselors, Doodle and her friends at camp performed a dance to Surfin USA! Check out D, she's the last one on the right!
(Note: Click the little "HD" in the bottom right corner to watch in HD!)

Thank you Miss H, Miss K, and Miss N.... you ladies are AWESOME!

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