Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Finish Line...Celebrating 10 months of Master Chief!

Since Master Chief's 7 month birthday, we've...

...had ten AWESOME weeks of summer camp (including 2 parent shows!)!
...visited Boston for a high school friend's wedding!
...spent 4th of July at home with the McFatridges!
...had a Richardson/Kilcoyne beach trip to Rehoboth!
...went to PA for Cliffy's 2nd Birthday Pirate Party!
...hit up Deep Creek with friends!
...failed one RA drug (Zeljanz) and started another (Actemra)... with a heck of a lot of prednisone still being taken! wasted in Philly at Allison's Bachelorette Party!
...flew to Maine hours after said party...
...spent a relaxing week nine in Vinalhaven!
...had a crazy week ten (week before school!) at work!
...had a blast at Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg!
...went back to Maine for Grandmother's 95th Birthday (and Hubby's 31st Birthday)!
...scarfed down Cheeburger while celebrating Doodle's 4th Birthday!
...held a Rock Star Birthday Party at Bach to Rock for Doodle!
...splashed around at Reagan's 1st Birthday Party!
...drove to the Outer Banks and drove six miles down a 4x4 beach to get to Wild Horse!
...spent a week celebrating family and Allison & Dave's wedding!
...made it home just after midnight, in time to celebrate Master Chief being 10 months old!

I feel like I've just crossed an invisible finish line. We haven't spent a weekend together at home since the 4th of July... I'm looking forward to making some phone calls this week to catch up and apologize for going missing over this past few months.  I hope they remember who I am!

I can't even bring myself to starting to think about the big move coming up in a few weeks/months (late October, perhaps?!), getting ready to sell our house (aiming for February), and getting the rest of our lives in order.  I just want to sleep... where's that damn Maleficent and her spinning wheel when you need it!?

Anyway... Master Chief is 10 months old! Wowza!

He took 4 steps today... he's been doing one or two steps here and there, but today he really took a bunch! He also climbed the stairs, so I guess we should start this "babyproofing" thing! ;) With everything going on, he's spent a mere 3 days at Marsha's over the past five weeks (two trips to Maine, one week at the beach, and M's vacation)... which makes writing that check quite painful. I've gotten to spend a ton of time with him and love him more and more every minute! A few weeks ago he discovered food and now tries anything. He likes nearly everything-- scrambled eggs, baby snacks, cheerios, Gramme's Mac-n-Cheese! I found one tooth on the way home from Great Wolf Lodge and Joe found the second a week ago! He loved the pool at the beach and is just the happiest kid ever... I wouldn't have guessed that in a million years! His little personality is starting to peek through... and this boy is trouble! He's into everything and puts everything into his mouth! He tore apart Grandmother's book shelf in Maine and nearly climbed into the lobster bin with all of the live lobsters! He discovered that he can make us laugh when making certain faces and is quite the entertainer (although no one holds a candle to his Sissy). He woke me up with "Mama" last week and I nearly hit the ceiling with excitement!  I just love him. So much. I can't believe 10 months has flown by... and can't wait to see what's in store for this little guy!

10 Months!

Future Rock Star hanging out at Sissy's 4th Birthday Party last weekend!

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