Thursday, September 05, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, Doodle!

Dear Doodle,

You are... AWESOME! Given the extensive conversation about the meaning of this word (no, not like a hot dog), I do not give you this label without much thought. You are the spunkiest little kid I have ever met... not a day goes by when you don't laugh hysterically, filling up the room with joyful noise, and bring happiness to everyone you come across. I find it hard to believe that you've already been through a year of school and your 1st summer at camp... you're still such a teeny little kid, but have already had so many life experiences and a personality that fills up a room!

Last year, going into your 3rd Birthday, I remember being anxious. You had just started Pre-K and were the youngest in the class. I was slightly hormonal as I was pregnant and I was so worried that you wouldn't love the baby... that you wouldn't like being a big sister. Daddy planned the greatest party for you last year, your princess tea party, and I was so worked up with how the day would progress and didn't realize that it would just 'flow' as most parties do. I was nervous with you being on the playground at the Ranch, scared that you wouldn't be able to keep up with the bigger kids on the playground at school, and worried that I wasn't giving you enough love (especially before the baby came).

Now, I realize that I was worrying over nothing... Yes, Daddy was right. 

You had a wonderful year with Ms. Shirley in school. You learned your letters and numbers, how to cut, color, and draw, how to spell your name, about the process of raising butterflies, and so much more! You 'ran' (really, you're the pokiest kid ever) up the stairs to school every day with excitement and yelled at me when I came to pick you up early (even if it was by 5 minutes). You and Mason got into little tiffs in class, but it worked out as you made so many new friends. I loved hearing about your Prince Charming, Aydan, and your girlfriends (Mindy, Hannah, Tori, and Madison). Like everything else in your life, you jumped in with both feet and loved the ride... I hope you never lose that excitement.

Your baby brother arrived and you couldn't get to him fast enough! I was so excited to hug and kiss you as you got to the hospital, but you gave me a passive smooch and asked where your brother was. Daddy and I watched as you discovered this little boy who was now a part of your life. You held him and kissed him. You instantly grew up a little and became a big sister! Now, nearly 10 months later, you still love this little boy. Whenever we turn around, he's crawling towards your room at warp speed to see if you're there (or to play with your toys). You're showing him the ropes and are so very sweet and loving to him. Thank you, my sweet girl, for sharing your love with him (and us)!

Although this year has had a few bumps and hospital visits (stitches in May and glue in August), I wouldn't trade it for the world! You are such a little smarty pants and I love being with you as you discover new things and learn about the world around you. If we're being honest, I could live with fewer meltdowns over silly things, but I know that I'll miss these days when you're older! This morning, as you opened the Stompeez that you've been asking for since last October, I couldn't help but smile as I was bursting with love for you and the happiness you've brought into our lives.

Happy Birthday, Doodle. I love you more than these silly words on a blog can convey!



(Not Mommy, apparently you're too grown up for that now!)


abc said...

...why do I look so forward to this every year and then promptly forget that you make me cry (with joy and love) every year. We are so lucky to have you both!!!

laurel said...

true story ABC.....

and you are never too old to say Mommy...

Love you both bunches!