Wednesday, June 13, 2012


A few weeks ago, on a Saturday afternoon, wonderfully hung over from a night out with friends, my little sister decided to do a Spartan Race.  The race was planned and trained for, the hangover not so much.  She and her fiance joined a team from the gym that they go to and headed up to the race for a day of "fun." Now, her definition of fun is far different than mine-- I shop and take photographs while she runs half marathons (three months after having a baby, no less!) and Spartan Races.  But I digress.

I honestly had no idea that a Spartan Race would include jumping over fire (as shown... clearly she's nuts!) and other crazy feats like dragging cinder blocks and climbing walls/ropes.  I had seen Tough Mudder's and Warrior Dash's, but this one seemed to be everything else rolled into one!

The bottom line... she finished in 2nd place for all women of the day.  Crazy, right?! The first place finisher was a mere 90 seconds faster and I have a feeling that had Al known she was that close, she would have kicked the other girl's tush.  That's my sister, though... tough as nails and I'm so proud of her for taking on these crazy challenges and succeeding!

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