Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Best Face of 2010... My Hunka Hubby

What. a. stud.  Who can resist those eyes... that smile... the new scruff... the Capitals hat... the soccer jersey?

Okay, I know I had you at "Capitals Hat."  After the Winter Classic I know that the legion who Rocks the Red is surely growing and we're welcoming new fans to jump on the bandwagon with open arms!  My excitement over the last few days (post-Penguin-beating) has been over D's enhanced mimicking abilities and how she has used her knowledge of "Ut-Ohhhhh" to start to cheer "Ohhhhh-vie!"  To be honest, it's more "Ohhh-vuh," but I digress...

Back to my stud-of-a-hubby... I took this photo on our little Christmas morn (which was actually December 24th) as we were opening presents.  As soon as the shutter clicked, I knew I had a new favorite photo of my main squeeze.  We had a wonderful 2010 and while I usually feature the Doodlebug, I wanted to highlight my partner in crime... I'm confident that he'll win Hubby-of-the-Year every single year, but this year he's especially deserving.  His 2010 list of accomplishments include (but are not limited to):

-Inventing the SuperHug and teaching Doodle the art of hugging with your whole body (not just wrapping your arms around someone)
-Taking out all of the trash (that's love!)!
-Making my 1st Mother's Day a memorable one (complete with pottery painting, a photo shoot, and dinner at Outback!)
-Teaching our daughter how to Rock the Red (here, here, here and here)
-Singing D's goodnight song...
-Going along with all the Halloween hubbub... even if it wasn't his thing!
-Taking our photos from the Flagg Family Reunion and turning them into an amazing video!
-Being an Xbox/Playstation/Wii aficionado and it not get in the way of "life!"
-Celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary at the National Harbor and seeing Cirque du Soleil "Ovo"
-Being an amazing Camp Director... I'm ridiculously proud of the work he does!
-Managing his company's website and creating a new database system that will launch this year!
-Starting his MBA!
-Giving me more hugs and kisses than any girl could ask for...

I could go on, but you get the point!  He's simply the best!

NOW... Go and VOTE FOR THIS PHOTO over at iheartfaces.com for the Best Face Photo of 2010! There will be lots of photos of cute kids to distract you, but make sure you vote for #791 "Love Roars" and the photo of my sweetie who happens to make very cute kids (or at least one cute kid so far-- and hopefully subsequent kiddos in a few years, but not sooner)! ;)


Amanda said...

So sweet! Love seeing someone so proud of their husband.

Wendy Mayo said...

Oh, he is sweet!

Adeena said...

That is a great shot!

So, I'm voting for it. ;)